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Monday, November 19, 2012

Count your blessings

Tis’ the season to be... THANKFUL!  I’m so thankful for Officer, my AMAZING family, Scout dog, my WONDERFUL in-laws, my life, our Creator, and my friends!  And, of course, I’m thankful to those of you who read my blog! (:  I’m also really thankful for food (therefore, I’m thankful for Thanksgiving)!  I could (and do) eat until my stomach bursts. What’s my favorite Thanksgiving food, you ask?  Bread, rolls… carbs.  My mother-in-law makes the best bread, pretty much ever.  It’s so delicious. That’s another thing I’m thankful for – her bread.  

Oh, and, Officers patience, one more thing I’m thankful for.  We spent the weekend apart- I had a much needed girl’s weekend in my old college town and he spent the weekend entertaining at our home.  On Sunday evening, we both had plans to get things done.  Unfortunately for him, I needed him for my plans.  I wanted to hang a new light fixture in the entry way (I bought a super cute antique fixture that my grandma is giving me for Christmas, but who can wait that long?).  Anyways, I tell my sweet husband that it will only take 5 minutes (but he should have known better).  The lights hang like 5 feet down on chains (our ceilings aren’t that tall) and so we had to shorten all of the wires and the chains.  Then, we only have a small step stool ladder so Officer had to work on the entire fixture with his arms locked straight above his head and where he couldn’t really see ANYTHING he was doing.  Disclaimer: Officer used to work at the university’s physical plant while he was in school in the electrical area so he knows what he’s up to.  Next, the light fixtures wires aren’t marked as positive and negative so we’re guessing while I’m holding this massive thing and he’s standing on this little stool with his arms extended as far as they will go… anyways, I think you get the picture.  It was HYSTERICAL and I died laughing.  And I couldn’t stop.

Do you know what happens when you start hysterically laughing?  You lose all your strength (I know you guys thought I was going to say I wet myself, not the case!) I couldn’t hold the fixture any longer, I let go.  Luckily (for me) he had already attached one of the wires.  It was hanging on by a thread.  Now, remember I said we only had one step stool ladder thingy?  Well, I was standing on a bar stool.  So I had to get back up on it, but I still wasn’t stable.  What did I put my weight on?  That one little wire, whoops!  No worries, nothing (other than me) ended up falling. We did successfully get it, but it took much longer than the 5 minutes I had promised Officer. 

Good news- the fixture looks awesome.  And Officer didn’t mind I wasted his only free time this weekend. ... Just wait until we have to hang the Christmas lights. (:

What things are you thankful for?

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  1. Your officer reminds me of mine! He is so in to home things (he spent many years at Menard's while in school) and I can see us doing these things together someday when we're together. :) How sweet!

    I'm thankful for a warm bed, a roof over my head and a family that I love!