I'm the wife of OFFICER, whom I'm madly in love with. And these are my stories of being A ROOKIE'S wife.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Too long, Old Friend, Too Long

Blogging world!! It has been wayy too long since I last posted to my blog, and I give my most sincere apology.  When I first started blogging, I was finding that I had a lot of spare time at my job.  However, I stopped blogging whenever my company imposed a new "no posting to social media at work" rule. Whenever I first heard the rule, I chuckled momentarily to myself, "who would ever post to social media at work? Sounds risky."  (I am not on Facebook or Twitter - shocking? Liberating.). Anyways, it took about 3 days for me to realize that posting on a blog was technically "social media".  And yes, I'm a Type A personality so "technically" totally matters to me.  And in the words of a viral YouTube video, "ain't no body got time for that" was how I felt about posting when I got home.  People, I have a house, dog, husband to take care of!  (: I only smile because it pales in comparison to what most people have, to all you super heroes out there - lots of respect for you.  And to all of my followers, I'm sorry for not making the time.  No reflection on how much I appreciate you reading and connecting with my thoughts.

Now that that's behind us...

OFFICER AND I WILL BE MARRIED ONE YEAR ON SUNDAY.  Insane, right? I don't know where this year has gone.  It's been so jam packed with excitement that I think I could write a book (or at least this blog).

We are sticking with traditional wedding anniversary presents and the first year is paper.  I have to be honest, I'm totally struggling.  I would have done like a picture or something, but I just gave him a photo for Father's Day.  (No, there are not any Rookie, Jr's but there is Scout dog - or has it been so long that you have forgotten her? Well, in our household she counts as a reason to celebrate Father's Day). Any ideas for a first anniversary present?

I will wrap this first post up on my soap box (what kind of police wife blogger would I be if I didn't put something related to police work on my first blog back in the game?)  I read an article today about an accident on a highway where a semi was over turned.  A girl was driving past and not paying attention (texting, perhaps? You know how I feel about that, if not, please check out the post IT CAN WAIT), when she hit one of the clean up crews vehicles and caused a second accident that injured herself.  People please pay attention whenever you drive!!  That could have been a police officer, a firefighter, construction worker, a father, sister, son! I knew people didn't pay attention when they are just flying down the highway but you think a massive amount of emergency lights and an over turned semi truck would get your head up and make you alert! Obviously not.  Idiots.

Well friends, I have to say.  It feels good to be back.  I've missed you guys.