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Thursday, October 25, 2012


I have a history of reacting.  When something happens, I just react - I don't ever take the time to think out the best situation, or response.  If we have the scenario: the fireman, water, and the fire-  I'm the fire, no doubt.  Officer is always the fireman and the water.  Ha, I have a feeling he won't like being called a fireman (mainly because his brother is a fireman and we do those type jokes in the family).   Now, sometimes being a reactor has worked out to my favor. Like the time my pup, Scout (she's like my child), was attacked at the dog park and my reaction was to rip that other dog off of her.  However, most of the time, it works against me - especially when it's high stress or I'm angry.  Like the time I missed my flight to a friends wedding and I was rude to the airport workers.  (there's no excuse, I should have been kind, but I just reacted!)

Officer on the other hand is less of a reactor.  But, he kind of cheats because most of the time it looks like he's doing really good reacting.  It's pretty unfair.  I'll never forget the first fight we got into - I ended up yelling at him for not yelling at me.  He was carefully picking his words and making sure he wouldn't say anything he regretted - that made me even more mad since I had already made it through my entire list of things that I would regret saying! (:  Luckily, he always forgives me - I mean, he knows I'm just reacting and that deep down, I think he's the coolest.  And thanks to him, we hardly ever fight.

As of noon today, I have received my CPR/AED certification!  As part of the class to get the certification I had to pass a scenario test.  My scenario was that a coworker fell in the hallway, let's watch it unfold:

Teacher: Quick, what's the first step?
Me: You, call 9-1-1!
Teacher: Are you sure?
Me: Yes, call 9-1-1!
Teacher: Turns out, her shoes were untied and she just tripped over the laces.  Nothing serious -- Be sure and confirm there is a situation first.  (:

Now, I know that he was just making a point, but look at what I did.  I just reacted.  First thing that came to my mind (and I thought it was an excellent thought)!  At lunch, I was joking that if someone needed the Heimlich I would probably panic, rip their clothes off of them and attach an AED. 
Ha, don't get me wrong, I understood my training. I'm just nervous that in one of those situations instinct will kick in and it will be the wrong instinct.  Hmph, hopefully there is a doctor nearby.  Or, I'll just avoid all places with people.  That seems reasonable?

In our CPR Training we also discussed the four steps to helping someone.  One of the steps was "Make the Decision to Help".  Officer doesn't have this choice.  By law, he's required to help in any situation.  What's that?  We're out at dinner and there's a shooting in the restaurant?  Officer is obligated to help, regardless of the fact that he isn't on duty and isn't wearing his bullet proof vest.  (Anyone out there want to give him props, now? - no?  That's alright, I'll get used it).  I (or perhaps read "we") have the opportunity to think about the situation and see if my brain can wrap around it to make good decisions instead of reactions and then make the decision whether to be involved.  Officer isn't given that option, he has to step into any situation and he has to make good decisions.  And then, listen to how he could have made better decisions from the public, who, let's be honest, probably cowered under their tables.  Gosh, I'm so grateful there is someone out there who proudly steps into that role.  If the force was made up of a bunch of myself, we'd be in some serious trouble.  Plus, we all know how I would react to every one's comments...

Thank a cop this week for all they do.  They, like many professions, don't get enough credit.

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  1. AMEN, sister! I would make a terrible police officer...so thankful there are people out there who are happy to take on this role!