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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bump in the Night

I'm not sure what woke me up at 3 AM this morning, but it woke up Officer and pup, too.  Officer immediately goes into safety mode - Did you hear that? I'm still half asleep, but he heard something, pup clearly heard something because she's growling and so surely I did - I reply yes.  (But, I'm not really sure I had heard anything).  He's up and out of bed, grabbing his gun and clearing the house before I even know it. 

THEN I HEAR SOMETHING.  On the roof?  Maybe.  Once I'm scared, I'm hyper vigilant so I'm not positive the things I'm hearing are legit concerns.  Officer comes back to the room.  Nothing, did you hear anything while I was gone?  Of course I had to tell him about the person I heard on our roof.  He's decided to clear the outside of the house and the roof.  We have an alarm in our house and he goes to disable it so he can go outside.  Then, he exits the house through the garage.  I kid you not, the second I hear the garage nestle in place (stop making racket), I hear a gun shot.  Holy cow, I really did hear something and they are shooting at my husband now!  Did I mention that I'm hyper vigilant? 

Before he went outside, he reminded me how to use the shotgun if I needed it. Unfortunately, I'm still in a sleep coma and too cold to get out of bed to even get to it.  Then, I hear someone come back into the house.  Because they aren't in a frenzy, I'll just assume it's Officer, but I really don't know (but, I really did know, because he set the alarm again- you just can't think straight when that kind of stuff is going on). 

Nothing, we're good I cleared around the house and the roof.  Immediately I'm asking him about the gun shot I heard - what was that?!  He said someone was shooting fireworks off a few neighborhoods down from us.  I then sheepishly admit that I don't think I heard anything when he asked me the first time.

What an exciting night!  It was so fun to see Officer in work, although just a little bit scary.  (:

It was really hard to go back to sleep after that.  What made the bump in the night that alerted Officer and pup?  What if Officer hadn't been there?  Or perhaps, when Officer isn't there what will I do?

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  1. Oh my! This has happened many times in our house! My hubby and I are BOTH hyper vigilant. :) Sleeping alone is the worst. Everyone keeps telling me I'll get used to it, but so far...not yet! At least you have the pup to keep you company!