I'm the wife of OFFICER, whom I'm madly in love with. And these are my stories of being A ROOKIE'S wife.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I know I’m still not very consistent on my blogging, I’m sorry!   It’s definitely not because things haven’t been going on.  We’ve had SO much going on.  I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it.  But, it will be across several blogs… I know the anticipation is killing you.  (:

Rookie has been hard at work back on the streets.  And is doing such a great job  (what?  He is!  I’m not just totally biased).  He works late all the time, which doesn’t really matter since I’m usually asleep when he gets home anyways.  However, the other night; it totally mattered.

After work, I went to visit a friend in another town.   We had dinner, watched a basketball game and then I headed back.  It was a pretty far drive, but I finally made it home.  A lot of people were worried about me making the drive because there was a bad storm on the horizon.  So my phone was blowing up with phone calls (because people know I’m a huge advocate of not texting and driving – it’s dangerous people, don’t do it).  Everyone was like – “how bad is the road?”  Thing was, it wasn’t bad.  Wasn’t bad at all.  In fact, there weren’t even any raindrops.  I was almost convinced everyone was watching the wrong newscast.  Almost.

That’s when I get home, several hours after Rookie’s shift.  I’m expecting him to be waiting for me, but he’s still working-  finishing up a report or something.  I ask him to come home soon and he agrees he’s trying.  I sit down and say hello to little Scout Dog.  What’s that I hear (other than my phone that’s still ringing)?  OMG.  It’s the TORNADO SIRENS.  What’s our plan?  Where should I go?  I freak out.  Side note: I’m born and raised in Tornado Alley.  We do NOT freak out when there is a tornado.  We go outside to see if it’s near our house (call us whatever names you want).  Plus, sirens don’t mean there is a tornado it just means there is a high potential.  I, however, did not make my home state proud; I went a little bit crazy.

My main concern was making sure Scout dog was stored safely.  So, naturally I put down our most padded cover for her to lay on, then I got over her and put a sleeping bag over my back (um, have any of you seen Twister? – It’s a great movie with Bill Paxton, okay maybe great is a stretch, but I love it.  Anyways, do you think a sleeping bag will keep me safe from projectiles?  Not a chance).  I was calling Officer, trying to watch the news on the iPad, trying to wrestle scout to keep her under all of this stuff, it was a mess.  This repeated several times as the sirens kept going on and off, on and off.  I begged Officer to come home immediately; I was in full freak-out mode.  He pretty much drove through the worst part of the storm to make it to me, but by the time he got there, most of it had passed.  (: 

We had many more scares throughout the rest of the season and one that was only a mile away from us!  And needless to say, we now have a plan of action.  And I’ve successfully convinced Officer for my sanity (and his) that we need a storm shelter.  Do any other LEO wives get nervous in bad weather when the hub’s is out?  I’m not sure if I am nervous because I’m home alone, or if I’m nervous because he’s not there and I’m not sure he’s safe.  But, I sure get nervous.

Speaking of being nervous, do you remember my post “Carrying a Pickle”?  Well, I’ve crossed a new line, Officer has bought me my first gun and I took a gun safety class!  I can’t wait to tell you all about it in my next post!  Until then friends, cheers!


  1. My hubby got called into work on his off day because of a hurricane a few years ago. Luckily, it didn't end up getting bad where we lived, but I was really nervous about being alone. During most storms, I'm more worried about him than myself, but on that occasion I worried that the house would start to flood and I wouldn't know what to do or something. I guess that's what makes us such strong women, though! Gotta be prepared!

  2. I absolutely know what you mean. My fiance got called in to deal with the crazy flooding happening this week. I was not only worried about his safety but what to do if the flooding hit our part of town. I was terrified of possibly having to evacuate without him while he was required to work through the storm. What really kept me together were his occasional calls and texts letting me know he was ok.